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Outsourced Engineering‎

What Is It?‎

For the first time in Lebanon, a select group of Engineering firms of different scales, profiles ‎and trades (electrical, mechanical, civil and architecture), has come together to form a ‎specialized outsourcing network.‎
Contractors, architects, engineering offices and business owners worldwide can now benefit, ‎remotely, from the invaluable experience of some of Lebanon’s best engineers and architects ‎boasting impressive portfolios and consistent customer satisfaction.‎


What It Offers

‎“Outsourced Engineering” is a cluster of remote technical services supporting project ‎developments in any country that is well-versed in English, French or Arabic.‎

Based in Lebanon, we accompany Clients in the design phase all the way through bidding and ‎execution. Our expert services can also be solicited in preparing tender packages. ‎

In interior fit-outs or development and construction missions, we help clients develop design ‎solutions and coordinate between trades during their execution. ‎
Small fit-out companies can now seek our assistance in completing their projects, and large ‎contracting firms can rely on us in processing a large number of drawings in a tight timeframe.‎

‎“Outsourced Engineering” can handle full projects as well as specific interventions. ‎

Our projects include:‎

  • Buildings (apartments, villas, offices), ‎
  • Commercial Centers (malls, cinemas, restaurants, shops), ‎
  • Hotels, ‎
  • Hospitals,
  • Roads & Infrastructure,
  • Industrial Facilities, and other similar developments.‎

We also offer expert support in green projects with LEED recommendations and ratings for ‎Green Building Design.‎


How It Works and Why It Makes Sense

The point of contact in Outsourced Engineering is InSites, an established name in construction, contracting, interior fit-out, and owner representation.

Thanks to its advantageous rates and instantly accessible services, Outsourced Engineering allows clients to benefit from Lebanon’s world-class engineering, architectural talent and creativity while reducing their projects’ fixed costs.

  1. InSites connects each client or project with the most suited consultant (engineer or architect) from its network and ensures their availability, before carrying out the subsequent proposals and contractual relations.
  2. Cost proposals are carefully calculated to provide clients with competitive fees – guaranteed by the contractual relationship between InSites and the network members.
  3. InSites keeps an expert eye on the outsourced collaboration from beginning to end, through:
    • Following the schedule and enforcing its application
    • Monitoring any costs variations
    • Interfering to solve any relationship problem by assisting the consultants and taking any necessary measures to deliver the agreed services.


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