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InFix - Property Care

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Why Choose Us

InSites caters to homeowners, professional designers, and corporate entities across four main sectors:

  • Residential including apartments, villas, and buildings
  • Retail including banks, boutiques, and showrooms
  • HORECA including hotels, restaurants, and cafés
  • Institutional including offices, schools, and universities

Way Of Work

Call it a passion for what we do; at InSites, we treat every project entrusted to us as if it were our very own. With an equal devotion to small and large projects alike, we see to the most efficient processes, optimal budget, and, most importantly, to the highest possible quality, always putting clients’ satisfaction first.

This is also why we have managed to build a differentiated expertise in delivering fast-track projects that require the mobilization of a large number of technical teams over back-to-back shifts, enabling us to carry out such works in fully operational environments and spaces occupied by the customer in and out of work hours.


We Offer Only A Premium Service

We treat Contracting, Engineering and Owner Representation as premium services, especially that any given project involves several stakeholders. We therefore provide everyone with a fully satisfactory service.

Our strong technical office makes sure all drawings are executed properly and to the furthest detail. We coordinate internally, with the client, and with the designers simultaneously, to guarantee things are done in the most effective manner. 

We even go the extra mile by handling all the necessary coordination with the most suited suppliers, extending to our clients and their designers a well-deserved peace of mind. 

“We’ll take it from here” is our motto, after all. And we take it very seriously.